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PMAC Tactical, is a mobile training and consulting company that specializes in Law Enforcement & Corrections tactics and subject control, corporate active threat training, and civilian self defense. Schedule training at your facility today.

The program is specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers, Military Personnel, and other first responders.


C4C PJJ Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and share the most relevant and effective police training in the world. C4C PJJ shall be shared through in-person training provided by a network of high level instructors, online platforms, and apps on personal devices.

Creating the Gold Standard in Police Training

C4C PJJ is a fundamental principle based curriculum focused on LEO outcomes. The curriculum is written and trained in a systematic manner that encourages learning and retention. The program covers de-escalation, empty hand tactics, weapon based training, team tactics, communication, use of force, instructor development, and other topics. A heavy emphasis is placed on control, grappling, defending against attacks, and team tactics. A person cannot reach high levels of the C4C PJJ curriculum, or teach the curriculum, without a deep fundamental knowledge and grappling ability.

By cops for cops

C4C PJJ offers the best LEO curriculum and actual instruction by being elite in several key areas. The C4C PJJ curriculum is the most complete LEO curriculum in the industry, and is built by police officer who is a court recognized use of force expert, and a high level BJJ/MMA coach. We deliver advanced Instructor Development that enhances an officer’s ability to develop curriculum and safely teach defensive tactics. A key aspect of this Instructor Development is teaching officers to teach in a manner that encourages retention in students. C4C PJJ curriculum is also an industry leader in actual application of the curriculum in the field and in training environments. Our instructors train consistently as well as teach and deploy C4C PJJ tactics in the field. In short our instructors are capable practitioners, forever students who train consistently on their own, and high level instructors. The best curriculum, the best instructors, and the best training. C4C PJJ instructors understand police work because they are police officers.

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